Our Procurement Process

  1. MelodyHousingAgency Team will physically visit & inspect the property at first. If the team is satisfied about the property then they will fix the meeting with property owner for the dealing process.
  2. After the discussion with Property owner The Team will set/fix the price of scheduled property.
  3. Then the agency will provide AN AMOUNT to the property owner as security money for depending on the agency. After that the Agency and Property Owner will sign the MOU regarding the property deal.
  4. After selling the schedule property, the rest amount will be provided in dealing period.
  5. After selling the property "MelodyHousingAgency" will get the surplus amount of the stipulated property value.
  6. MelodyHousingAgency takes the selling time of the property only 04 (four) month & 01 (one) moth additional period. In the dealing period Property owner cannot cancel the deal.
  7. If the Agency fails to sell the scheduled property within the stipulated time, the agency will compensate to the Property owner.
  8. The property owner will provide all the legal document’s photo copy to the Agency for smooth sales service.
  9. MelodyHousingAgency will have the available access to visit the schedule property with the prospect client on different time schedule.
  10. During the stipulated selling period MelodyHousingAgency is entitled to undertake different promotional activities for selling the property but the property owner is not entitled to do so.
  11. If the property owner gets any prospect client from any source then he/she must provide the client to "MelodyHousingAgency "for closing the deal.
  12. After receiving the stipulated amount that has been settled down with property owner & agency, the property owner will register the property to the buyer or his nominated person.
  13. Before registration of the property owner will pay all the due utility and other bills related to the property.
  14. Property related all kinds of services will be provided by MelodyHousingAgency


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